Virtkick gives independent hosting companies the tools they need to compete with big cloud providers.

Virtkick does for hosting industry what Shopify did for e-commerce. 

PITCH - Virtkick does for hosting industry what Shopify did for e-commerce. #cloud #cloudcomputing 

Only 50% of the $20B hosting market is held by the big guys - Amazon, Microsoft and Google. The rest is divided between 50,000 small and medium providers who lose customers and money due to outdated and expensive software. Virtkick is a turnkey SaaS solution that lets hosting providers increase conversion rates, simplify server management and compete with the biggest providers. 

Based in San Antonio, Texas, and being the alumni of the Techstars Cloud 2015 accelerator programme, Virtkick sets out to change the cloud industry - and they've already started! With 10 customers using their product and 15 more waiting for demo, hosting will look and feel good again.

The product

Virtkick is a complex virtualization suite and simple user interface. The hosting provider uses Virtkick to manage their servers and bill their customers, while the end customer (e.g. software house, marketing agency, freelance designer) manages their virtual desktops to start their own servers, e.g. wordpress, minecraft or thousands of other applications. Try!

Pricing and availability
Virtkick operates in a revenue share model and is currently in the limited roll-out phase. Virtkick will go live in May 2015 with a simple registration available at the their landing page.

“Initial impressions on Virtkick… love the simplicity, love the implementation of our colors and logo and love everything about it.”„ Josh Edwards, CEO @BoltWolf
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Download PDF
About Virtkick

Virtkick does for hosting industry what Shopify did for e-commerce. We give our clients a beautiful storefront, simple user experience, increased conversion rates and we make them more money.